NSFWar of the Worlds


Photographs by Russell U. Richards

“I think of the NSFWar of the Worlds photo series as my unrealized sci-fi/ exploitation movie. The kind of movie that, once upon a time, you’d guiltily rent from the video store based entirely upon the lurid cover art, that featured action-packed storylines, freaky monsters, gratuitous nudity and creative practical effects. A movie set in a world where cities lay in ruins and camouflaged naked warrior women battle tentacled alien overlords.” -RUR

NSFWar of the Worlds is an ongoing photo series- more images coming soon!


NSFWar of the Worlds will be on exhibit Jan 1, 2021-May 14, 2022 at the

3275 South Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. Las Vegas, NV
1 (702) 794-4000